We believe in the power of good customer experience.

Cartworthy Brand Studio

for Less

Ecommerce Specialists

We specialize our skillsets on ecommerce products to ensure we’re only providing the highest quality.

Uninflated Costs

We work remotely and keep our overhead low to work efficiently and keep your costs low.

Intimate Collaboration

We treat you like a partner and a friend — we love what we do and genuinely enjoy working with our clients.

"We wanted a creative partner who specialized only on ecommerce products."
— Our Clients

Cartworthy Founding Story

When Josh Graef left agency-life to sell his own services as an independent contractor he was overwhelmed with the amount of ecommerce prospects who were underserved and in need of services somewhere between a freelancer and an agency.

Ecommerce is an underserved market.

Our Specialization

Not enough agencies specialize on ecommerce despite the rise of DTC products in the past decade. This was clear as Josh Graef began his own business and was overwhelming discovering ecommerce-based clients. This drove him to specialize his skillsets and start Cartworthy Brand Studio to solely serve ecommerce-centric companies.

More affordable than brand agencies — more capable than a few freelancers.

Our Brand Position

Our services are positioned as more affordable than working with high-overhead agencies — but more capable, reliable, and trustworthy than managing your own team of freelancers.

Josh Graef

Creative Director + Designer

Cartworthy was founded to provide agency-level branding and customer experiences for less. Josh Graef began his career in ecommerce selling shirts on a custom website at the age of 19 while finishing his degree in Visual Communication Design. After working in branding and advertising agencies for years he decided to apply his diverse skillsets and passion for ecommerce to launch Cartworthy Brand Studio — the perfect partner for DTC product brands.

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