*Required for New Clients
Estimated Duration: 2 Weeks
Base Cost: $2,000 USD

Get aligned with our team and lay your brand foundation.

Workshop Overview

Any creative project is full of unknowns. Adventuring into the unknown is an exciting process, but there are also risks involved. To mitigate these risks as much as possible, we developed the Framework Workshop to learn about your team, your product, your market landscape, and your audience. This ensures our relationship together is built upon deep understanding and thorough communication.

Empathize with your target audience on a deep level.

Audience Definition

We believe people always come first — this is why we start our relationship by intimately understanding your ideal customer segments. Our goal is to get inside their mind and develop maps to psychologically analyze their pain points, emotions, goals, desires, personalities, and more.

Understand your customers alternative options.

Market Landscape

Together we will research and analyze the intricacies of the market options available to your ideal customers.

Differentiate yourself to defend market territory.

Product Positioning

Collaboratively we will discover opportunities and carve the unique position your product defends within the market landscape.

Define your "why."

Brand Purpose

We will unearth the essence of your company story, your brand narrative, beliefs, and the reason you serve your customers.

Lay the foundations for a brand that feels like a friend — not just a product.


Your brand identity is what makes your product feel like a friend. We will define your personifying traits and the magic that brings your brand to life.

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