Estimated Duration: 2 Weeks
Base Cost: $4,000 USD

The right words make your product easy to understand.

Workshop Overview

Our Messaging Workshop is a 2-week sprint designed to develop a platform of words that define all the right ideas both to align your internal team and to communicate effectively with your target audience.

Define the consistent tone your brand will speak.

Tone of Voice

Similar to Humanization — this phase will help bring life to your brand by ensuring every word spoken from the brand feels like a consistent personality.

Envision your ideal dream future into a concise statement.

Vision Statement

Your company vision is external stretch dream of the future 10 years in advance — maybe even 100 years in advance. Your moral callings, personal beliefs, and purpose for building your product should align with your vision. We will help craft your concise vision to ensure your team is aligned.

Define how you will strive for your vision in a concise statement.

Mission Statement

Your company mission is the internal methodology that is utilized to take steps towards your company vision. Establishing the right mission ensures your teams actions and company decisions are aligned. Your mission may evolve and during debates about product growth you may find that your contention points relate to the company mission.

Write the promise to your customers that you would never break.

Brand Promise

Your Brand Promise is the ever-lasting and ultimate promise that you make to your customers. It can relate to your mission, and dedication to customer experience — or it can relate to the value that your product will always bring.

Build the platform to make communication effortless.

Messaging Platform

We will create slogans and tag-lines that communicate every facet of your products value — making it easy to create a cohesive verbal communication system between your brand and your audience.

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