Estimated Duration: 2 Weeks
Base Cost: $3,000 USD

Get your name right the first time and you'll save more in the long-run.

Workshop Overview

Cartworthy's Naming Workshop is designed to get your name right the first time. We know the expense of changing your name in the future. Your name is your companies most valuable intellectual property — and it is the most costly to change when you get it wrong.

Strategic planning is the name of the game.

Strategic Planning

We start by investigating various forms of name structures that your brand may incorporate to reinforce your brand position and product differentiation. Conceptually we will discuss opportunities for developing your new name. We will also research competitor name strategies and determine the best style for you.

Build the name that your customers will remember.

Brand Name Concepting

With basic research and consideration for trademark availability we will develop 10 viable name concepts for your company and brand. From there, you can consult with your Trademark Attorney to decide which will be the best route forward within availabilities of the USPTO.

There's value in the right website domain, social usernames, and hashtags.

Domain Availability

We'll ensure that our name concepts are presented in a set of available options that are accompanies by website domains, social usernames, and hashtags that will bring your company real value.

Build a memorable naming system around your products.

Product Naming

When applicable, we will develop naming for product titles, flavors, sizes, categories, content, and other elements that may enhance your brand identity.

Don't forget to book your Trademark Attorney.

USPTO Availability

We will do basic searches available to the public to discover potential conflicts with our naming concepts. We do not provide legal consultation and can not guarantee the availability of our name concepts within the USPTO (United States Patent & Trademark Office).

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