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Duration: 1-3 Months
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Unboxing packaging should feel like a heart-warming gift on Christmas Day.

Workshop Overview

Your packaging and unboxing are the first impression your customer has with your product. A great first impression will improve customer satisfaction, product reviews, user-generated social content, referrals, and customer retention.

Build an experience worthy of countless unboxing videos.

Custom Design

Together, we will create your packaging and unboxing experience that will leave your customers liking, sharing, and hashtagging your products to all their friends.

It's all about how it feels in your hand.

Materials/Structure Ideation

We will research and present options for tissue papers, boxes, bags, cartons, envelopes, brochures, fillers, and any other applicable materials that may improve your unboxing experience — all while keeping in mind size and weight restrictions of the USPS and private shipping services.

Customize your packaging.

Custom Dielines

We can design and engineer highly complex packages that are outside of the cookie-cutter options provided by your vendors. The added costs can be well-worth the investment to provide your customers with a memorable experience.

We will help you through every step of the way.

Print Production Consultation

We will guide you through the process of sending your print-ready files to a printer and even communicate with your selected vendors to ensure your packaging is created just right.

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