Brand Foundation Workshop


Research, ideate, define, and refine the foundational strategy of your brand and product.

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Define Brand Positioning

Research your market landscape, discover trend insights, and brainstorm opportunities to differentiate your brand position.

Define Value Proposition

Map out the unique values your products offer. Define the key features. Deeply understand the physical and emotional problems your brand solves.

Designed for Product Founders

Whether you're a pre-launched product idea or have thousands of loyal customers — this workshop is designed for you.

Define Your Audience

Explore various methods for empathizing with your target audience. We will create archetypes for your best customers.

Workshop Itinerary

Value Proposition Sprint
1 Hour Call
Discuss the key features and main offer of your product.
· What problems do we solve?
· What are we offering?
· How will they remember us?
Market Landscape Sprint
1 Hour Call
Review direct competitors and relevant market entities.
· Who are the competitors?
· What brands do we aspire to be?
· Where does our audience shop?
Audience Empathy Sprint
1 Hour Call
Create a deeper understanding of your target audience.
· Who cares the most?
· What do they need/want?
· What do they believe?
Brand Positioning Sprint
1 Hour Call
Map your relationship within the market landscape.
· How will they remember us?
· How do we differentiate?
· What territory can we defend?
Vision, Mission, Purpose Sprint
1 Hour Call
Discuss the vision and mission for your company.
· What future do we hope for?
· What impact will we make?
· What guides micro-decisions?
Brand Belief Pillars Sprint
1 Hour Call
Define your unique, core beliefs as they relate to your brand.
· What do we care about?
· What are our values?
· What motivates us?
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