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Introduce your product to our team and establish the foundations for an effective collaborative relationship.

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Teach Us

Teach us about your product development, market landscape, and target audiences. Share your story with us and let us know what your vision looks like for the future.

Get Acquainted

Meet our team and learn how we collaborate. Discover if our team feels like a compatible fit for yours — free.

Designed for Product Founders

Whether you're a pre-launched product idea or have thousands of loyal customers — this workshop is designed for you.

Discover Opportunities

We aim to provide you with any upfront value possible — whether that is trend insights, market opportunities, product opportunities, network connections, or collaboration opportunities.

Workshop Itinerary

Product Sprint
1 Hour Call
Get acquainted with our team, your story, and your product.
· What is your story?
· What is the value?
· What is your vision?
Position Sprint
1 Hour Call
Discuss your market landscape and the targeted audience.
· Who cares the most?
· Who are the competitors?
· How do you differentiate?
Opportunity Sprint
1 Hour Call
Let's explore any opportunities we've found together.
· Trend Insights
· Positioning Opportunities
· Collaboration Opportunities
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